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Product Description

Texas placers are the solution for effectively placing and screeding large volumes of newly poured concrete with considerably less effort than using conventional shovels and rakes.

These are lightweight Texas Placers, with bracings welded on each side of the placer’s head, giving even more control over the distribution of the poured concrete.

Not only does using Texas Placers mean that your job will require less effort, it will also mean that you can do the job in fewer man hours, lowering your costs and improving your profits.

Texas Placers, also known as aluminium rakes, concrete rakes, and spazzles, are well worth the investment. Having tools specific to the job leads to a better finish and more precise work, as well as ensuring the safety of your profits and your personnel on site.

If you’re looking to equip your team properly, and maximise the man-hours saved, then we can do a bulk discount if you’re ordering more than 10 units. Ordering more than 10 units will work out at £21 per unit, plus shipping costs.

At MultiQuip, our tools are built to last, not to be replaced. By ordering from us, you can be sure you’re getting the best lightweight Texas Placers in the market, and guaranteed to help your staff and your bottom line in 2023.

Get your order in online today to get these bits of kit on your sites as soon as possible. Need any more information? Contact our sales team on 0161 339 2223 (press option 2) to speak to one of our friendly representatives, and they will be able to answer any of your remaining questions.

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