Multiquip Magnesium Concrete Bull Float Complete

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The lightweight magnesium concrete bull float is the trusted go-to of many a concrete flooring professional. Multiquip offers you great value for money with this must-have for a flat floor. The concrete bull float works the floor to bring the fine material to the surface and pushes the aggregate down, making the floor ready for the next steps. Available in standard 120cm (4ft) sizes the complete kit also comes with knucklehead and 3 snap handles.

The magnesium concrete bull float Levels ridges, fill voids, and smooth the surface in preparation for troweling. Floats also can be used to work in the dry-shake colour hardener. Unlike finishing with a steel trowel, floating won’t close the surface, which is important at this stage to let bleed water out. A float also helps bring the paste to the surface by pushing down the coarse aggregate.

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