Concrete Finishing Range

Multiquip’s range of concrete finishing tools and accessories offer the end user a varied selection of extras to complete any job on the job site. The flatwork tool range of Fresno brooms, big blue trowel or magnesium bull floats offer great value for money.

Need to get on your hands and knees doing slab edges? No problem for Multiquip. We have a wide selection of hand trowels whether they be square to square, round to round, square to round, pool or pointed trowel in various sizes to meet your requirements.

If striking off concrete is your aim, we have channel radius floats and aluminium hand tamps at great prices. Bumpcutters provide a great tool for flatwork and these are available in heavy duty or lightweight variety.

Multiquip also offers a range of tools to add grooves and patterns to concrete. We have grooved bullfloats which come complete with knucklehead gearboxes and roller groovers made from brass or plastic where patterned concrete is required. New to the range are spike rollers which help with the laying of self levelling screed.


When you purchase any MQ approved used equipment, you have the reassurance of knowing that all the equipment has to meet our meticulous standards before they are offered for resale. All elements of the refurbishment are carried out with original spare parts and in the unlikely event that you will have an issue within the first 30 days, we offer a full warranty guarantee during this initial period.