Ride On Trowel Hire

Multiquip are proud to offer our range of ride on and walk behind trowels for hire as well as for purchase. We provide specialist concrete tools to building sites across the country, and our kit has been relied upon to complete millions of pounds worth or work to the highest standards.

We know that when you hire a power trowel, you need the tools to be cost-effective, hassle-free and reliable.

To take as much of the logistic strain, our team will deliver your kit to site and collect it from you at the end of the hire period – wherever you need it. Our power trowels for hire will be delivered to you on time and in perfect condition, ready to get to work immediately.

Demonstrations are available for all products, just as they are when purchasing equipment. We know that the decision to hire needs to be as carefully considered as the one to buy and you can trust our machines to get the job done. 

Whiteman STX6H
Fully Hydro STX6H by Whiteman

Our flexibility means that you can hire power trowels for as long or as short as your job takes, with short and long-term hires available. There’s no minimum or maximum period for rental, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of paying for equipment that isn’t being used on site. 


We know that reliability is a major concern for hiring tools. We use a young fleet of the latest equipment for our hire equipment – you won’t be getting a battered machine that’s past its sell-by date. You’ll be getting a fresh power trowel that has low usage; it’s something we pride ourselves on.

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