Concrete Flooring Solutions

Slab Armor is our product range of ultimate concrete flooring solutions . Slab Armor gives you the ultimate finish which not only looks great but gives you more wear than ever before.

What is Slab Armor? It is a two-step concrete floor solution which cures, densifies and enhances surface refinement. The product is applied directly onto the concrete floor and worked in with a power trowel. It penetrates to a depth of 1” – increasing surface density and reducing permeability while providing abrasion resistance/wear characteristics comparable to trap rock or dry-shake hardeners.

How does Slab Armor benefit the contractor? It enables the concrete floor to retain more moisture over a longer period of time, producing a tighter, higher strength and a more consolidated finish while eliminating dusting, pitting and excessive wear. A treated concrete floor keeps spills suspended on the surfaces substantially longer than untreated floors.
It can also significantly reduce costs by reducing the amount of secondary labour required as cracks are significantly reduced.

Concrete flooring solutions don’t get any better!


When you purchase any MQ approved used equipment, you have the reassurance of knowing that all the equipment has to meet our meticulous standards before they are offered for resale. All elements of the refurbishment are carried out with original spare parts and in the unlikely event that you will have an issue within the first 30 days, we offer a full warranty guarantee during this initial period.