Parallel Box

£3,820.80 (£3184 + VAT)

Parallel power box allows you to combine the power of 2 Makinex generators for duo-power

  • Produces up to 95% of combined wattage of both units
  • 2 x 2.5m 32A 5 pin connector cables
  • Generators do not have to be the same size (i.e. Can parallel 16/16, 16/10, and 10/10 kVA generators)
  • Makinex parallel kit is easy to connect, no tools required

Positive Result

  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Work anywhere
  • Unique handles make it easy to push the generator and transport it
  • Power Anything
  • Low noise level ideal for residential work sides

(Makinex Parallel Box is only compatible with Makinex generators)

SKU: PB63-01-UK

Product Description

Convenient power doubler and indoor delivery system

The Makinex Parallel Box allows you to combine the power of two Makinex generators to provide more power in one place. The two generators can be different models.

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