Makinex 16kVA Generator

£13,728.00 (£11,440.00 +VAT)

  • Compact trolley design for greater manoeuvrability and ease of storage.
  • Lifting point for safer handling.
  • 3 year Honda engine and RFL alternator warranty.
  • Permanent magnet alternator gives 15% greater efficiency of power and reduces fuel consumption.
  • RCBO surge protection for both the machine and the user.
  • RCD earth protection.
  • Supply capability of multiple phase circuits with varying loads at the same time.
  • Easy to transport in the back of your truck.

Product Description

The Makinex 16kVA Generator is a robust, powerful and reliable solution for providing power to equipment and tools,  floor grinding, welders and brick saws, air compressors and a wide range of applications.

They are suitable for use in rental yards, construction sites, and rural areas, and offer a compact lightweight option when moving the Generators around on building sites as well as on and off vehicles

The Makinex 16kVA generator is the most compact for its output on the market. Covering single and 3 phase requirements and rated from 10amp – 32amp capacity.


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