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Time is Money at London Build

wet tile saw

Multiquip UK aims to show contractors they can save time and money by cutting with a dry cut tile saw instead of a wet tile saw at London Build.

Benjamin Franklin, a man known for his productivity and various talents, once said ‘Time is money’ and here at Multiquip UK we believe if he was ever tiling his bathroom, he would use the iQTS244 tile saw.

The main problem workers have with a wet tile saw are threefold; location, setup and cleanup. Most often the location has to be outside, in the garage or outside away from the job. If cutting can’t be done at the site where the job is meant to happen, setup time can delay the job starting. After the job is done, you then have the cleanup to do and the messy disposal of slurry and contaminated slurry.

At Multiquip UK, we can offer you a solution to your wet cutting nightmares. The iQTS244 is the best tile saw for professional contractors. With fully integrated dust collection technology, this innovative design combines the power of the top of the line wet tile saw with a powerful cyclonic vacuum. The result is a saw which solves the threefold problem of location, setup and cleanup.

You can cut wherever there is a power supply within small spaces and you don’t need a water source. No walking to and from the job. Easy transportation means setup can be done in seconds. No water or slurry to be disposed of means clean up can be done quickly. Traditionally, a wet tile saw requires you to find a water source, usually away from the job means walking backwards and forwards all day. Set up requires tarps, guards, hoses and buckets. Clean up requires the breakdown of the cutting station, cleaning up your slurry and disposing of contaminated water. Less time spent setting up and cleaning up means you can spend more time doing what you do best; completing great jobs and making money.

wet tile saw

So how can you cut dry tile without water cooling the blade? This is a question asked by the pros. The answer is the Q-drive blade with Cool Cut Technology. The proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. The blade is engineered to cut the tile dry while still remaining cool to the touch with no warping or wandering more than matching the cuts on a traditional wet tile saw. The built-in vacuum on the iQTS244 air cools the blade while removing debris so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.

wet tile saw

Why not visit our stand at the London Build Expo to see it for yourself. We’re exhibiting at stand A58 and not only will we demonstrate the incredible performance of this new tile saw, but you’ll be able to prove to yourself that it is totally unbeatable when it comes to speed, precision, quality control, cleanliness … and a much more effective tool than a wet tile saw.

Imagine what this new technology could do for your company.  In some cases, this tool is paying for itself after only a handful of jobs. Wet cutting is adding almost 2 hours to every job. For someone who is on the UK minimum wage, based on a 40 hour week, that equates to over £1,400 per month just to do setup and cleanup. It’s all the more reason why you have to see – and try – it for yourself.  We know you won’t be disappointed. In fact, we know you’ll be more than impressed.

If you can’t wait until you go to London Build to learn more about the iQTS244™ then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.wet tile saw

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Are you ‘edging’ your bets when it comes to edges?

concrete float

The Multiquip Whiteman CA4HC concrete float is the premier edging machine in the market. 

Edging of the concrete has caused many a retention in the past. One of the reasons for this is the lack of consistent finish around the edges of the slab due to hand trowel finish versus concrete float finish. What you need to achieve this is a specific edging concrete float which is where the CA4HC concrete float comes into its own.

In the past edging has been back-breaking work, on your hands and knees with a hand trowel. At Multiquip, as the UK’s leading concrete float specialists, we can offer an edging machine with characteristics not currently offered by the competition. So why do we champion this machine so much?

Currently, in the UK & Europe, the edging machine is designed to be a lightweight machine which can be loaded and off loaded by one person. At Multiquip, we design machines to do the job at hand not to suit what we can lift. This is the case with 95% of the edging machines on the market, they are designed with a low weight in mind for the hire industry. 

concrete float

The Multiquip CA4HC concrete float has a weight of 77kg. This is heavier than most but what does this mean in terms of operation? The weight distributed along the trowel arm is almost identical in PSI as a ride-on trowel. This results in a consistent finish right to the end of the slab, so there’s no need to then go over the edges with a hand trowel. The speed of the blades, combined with the weight, ensure no edge-of-the-slab curling or discolouration.

Two more additional features of the CA4HC machine are the profile and the rotating guard ring. The CA4HC is the lowest profile concrete float on the market and this means you can access all the hard to reach spots such as underneath purlins and also around obstructions. The rotating guard ring allows finishing tight to the wall without marking or marring.

concrete float

Why not give this concrete float a try? Time after time contractors come back to purchase this machine which is available in either Quick Pitch foldable handle or a standard handle.

If you would like to know more about our MQ Whiteman CA4HC concrete float or to arrange a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.concrete float

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Hola Amigos!!!

hydrostatic power trowel

A trip to Northern Spain results in a contractor culling 4 10ft machines from the job in favour of 1 STX6H hydrostatic power trowel from Multiquip

After seeing the STX6H machine at the World of Concrete, a contractor was keen to see it in action. The company is based in Northern Spain so, naturally, we didn’t need any 2nd invitations to show them the awesome finishing capability of the Whiteman Multiquip STX6H hydrostatic power trowel.

The job was an industrial warehouse of around 1,500 square metres. Both sales and service personnel travelled to work with the contractor to get them familiar with the features and operation. The site was set up with 4 ride on trowels ready to work the slab as the client would do normally, using the STX6H power trowel on a small area whilst the other trowels worked the main section of the floor. 

After a short while it was clear the concrete finishing and polishing technology of the Whiteman Multiquip STX6H, rated by many as the world’s leading fully Hydrostatic power trowel, would be all that was required on the job. Once the finishers got to grip with the controls enabling them to get the very best out of the remarkable STX6H it soon became the case of it being passed around the team. 

As part of the training, we were able to demonstrate the full catalogue of exclusive STX6H features.

Cruise Control to reduce operator fatigue.
LED Lights for maximum illumination during nighttime or indoor working.
Retardant Spray System providing uniform coverage of the slab surface.
Proportional Hydraulic Steering for enhanced responsiveness.
SmartPitch™ synchronised blade pitch.
Multifunctional Display providing easy-to-read data that maximises efficiency for your hydrostatic power trowel.
Rotor Jog designed to ensure spiders rotate slowly to prevent surface marring as pans separate from the slab surface.
12 Volt Outlet for charging electronic devices.
Panning mode to make sure the trowel blades are completely flat so no pressure is applied to the pans.
6 Blade Spider assemblies and 33 per cent extra blade contact assures users that they will produce the flattest floors possible
Clamshell Design for simpler maintenance
Automatic Shut-Down that stops the rotors if the operator stands up while the engine is running.
Increased Chassis Rigidity and Stability that reduces risk of body roll and improves steering control.

hydrostatic power trowel

So, why is it so good? Although the STX6H hydrostatic power trowel is the heaviest machine we offer, the additional blade coverage means that the PSI per square inch is less than the smaller HTX machine, meaning you can get on the floor quicker. For the users, this means the ability to cut the high spots and fill the low spots early to get flatter floors quicker and easier. 

If you would like more information about our Hydrostatic Drive and Mechanical Drive Ride-on concrete power trowel range, or to arrange a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.hydrostatic power trowel

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The Multiquip Grind and Shine system polishes in a haze of glory

ride on trowel

Almost 9,000 square metres left gleaming by 1 ride on trowel in 1 week

Multiquip’s Grind and Shine system recently wiped the floor (literally!!) with a warehouse project of 8,800 square metres. Part of the Multiquip portfolio is the concrete floor grinding and polishing system which can treat existing concrete floors and we were delighted by the results, but not as much as the client was. We combined our market-leading Ride on Trowel technology with our new grinding system to provide an outstanding shine. All this was done with a single Whiteman Ride on Trowel and a five-step polishing process.

The first step of the concrete grinding process, or the first cut, was the 100 Copper Grit pucks. Our pucks are all individually fitted to our grinding heads and at 6mm thick, they provide exceptional durability for the job at hand. The planetary nature of our grinding system ensures even wear which results in fewer passes and less time, resulting in cheaper costs for the contractor.

The HHXDF5 46-inch Ride On Power trowel was the ride on trowel of choice for the contractor, chosen specifically for its ability to run on propane instead of petrol which is a must for internal applications where emissions and worker safety are paramount.

The second and third step of the polishing process was the 200 Copper and 400 Copper Grit pucks. These pucks are specifically designed to remove just the right amount of material so as not to expose the floor too much. 

Next came the densifier process. A silicate densifier is required to convert any calcium hydroxide in the surface of the concrete to calcium silicate hydrate. Otherwise, the concrete will remain porous and possibly dusty. The densifier needs to be applied thoroughly to saturate the surface, to help ensure a good chemical reaction. Our densifier of choice is the Multiquip Slab Armor Closer.

We then cut in the densifier with our wet slick resin pucks. The Wet Slick polishing pads are 9mm thick tools ideal for (as the name suggests) wet polishing. These tools are designed to be run under a heavy grinder or ride on trowel machine. Life for these tools is on average 3,700-5,600 on good, medium hardness concrete.

The final part was the dry run of the burnisher pads. These are fitted to our grinding heads so there is no need for a burnisher machine. You can simply remove the magnetic ring and fit the burnisher pads.

ride on trowel

After 7 days and 8,800 square metres later the results were collated. The finished required was a mid gloss finish of 55. The DOI (Distinctment of Image) value was 88, which is extremely impressive considering pure marble tops out at 100, and the final haze factor was 4 demonstrating the quality of our ride on trowel machines.

All this work was done with Multiquip equipment within 7 days. Doing the same work with dry grinding methods would take almost 6 weeks!!! The Grind and Shine system was requested due to the need for the high DOI and low Haze requirement. Multiquip’s system can hit these numbers where others can’t. As a result, the building owner can expect a reduction in lighting costs due to the work carried out. 

Is this something you can benefit from? Would you like to offer this kind of results for your clients?

For any other information on our ride on trowel and other concrete finishing products, including demonstrations please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, or email us at You can get also in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page. ride on trowel

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Flatter, smoother, faster, better


Our Lightning Strike Roller Screed produces the precise, accurate concrete finish time and time again

When it comes to flatwork concrete, no job or pour is too big, too small or too challenging for the innovative Honda-powered Lightning Strike Roller Screed, exclusively available in the UK from Multiquip. The key is that this incredible powered roller screed, driven by a sturdy Honda motor, was conceived, designed and developed not in a lab or drawing office, but by a highly experienced concrete contractor. He knew exactly what he was looking for and what’s more he had the experience, talent and vision to produce it. Which is precisely why the amazing Lightning Strike Roller Screed does the job for which it is intended far better than any other piece of kit we have seen.

The thing is, the Lightning Strike Roller Screed is so versatile that it can be used on level pours, on sloping jobs, on straight or on curved contracts. The Lightning Strike Roller Screed can even be used to create perfectly flat, perfectly smooth circular concrete pours.

And thanks to the highly reliable Honda petrol drive unit it often only requires one person to assemble this lightweight, versatile & robust amazing technology.

To give you some idea of the speed, versatility and unmatched efficiency of the Lightning Strike Roller Screed, here are two recent case studies detailing two very different concrete contract challenges.

Building a velodrome

Rebuilding a long-established cycle racing track proved to be a very demanding challenge. The oval track has two straight sections and two 180-degree high-pitched circular bends. On the banked bends the track is over 6.4 metres wide. As a racetrack it was also critical that the surface had a perfectly flat finish and it was this factor that prompted the contractor to go for the Lightning Strike Roller Screed.

He said: “Placing concrete using a roller screed turned out to be even more productive that we had predicted.”

They were able to adjust the screed roller lengths to match the width of the track and the built-in motor ensured that they achieved an even, flat finish in one single pass.

Restoring a spillway

When the emergency spillway of a major dam was damaged it became a race against the clock to complete all the repairs before the next flood season.

The spillway in question is 54.25 metres wide, 930.55 metres long and has an elevation drop of 152.4 vertical metres. Key to the success of the operation was to create a very flat concrete surface to permit efficient water flow. Consequently, the main contractor decided to use a Lightning Strike Roller Screed to achieve the specified flatness standard on the 11.58 metres widths of the floor panels.

The efficiency and ease of use of the Honda engine driven Lightning Strike Roller Screed certainly assisted the contractor in completing this huge project not only to match the demanding standards required but crucially … on schedule.


At Multiquip we can supply the Lightning Strike Roller Screeds with various sizes of aluminium roller tubes. So for instance, if you use three 2.44m tubes you can screed areas over 7 metres wide. Most other screeds would require a single steel 7-metre tube, which then poses serious transport problems. Thanks to the Lightning Strike’s sectional lightweight concept it will easily fit into a Transit van. We can also offer a variety of options that enable you to customise the screed to meet your exact needs. This unique power screed system is easy to transport, easy to assemble extremely easy to operate and we know that it is the best on the market.

Like to see it in action for yourself? Please get in touch and we will be delighted to show you how the Lightning Strike Roller Screed will speed up jobs, improve flatness and finish … and will be much more profitable for your business. To arrange a demonstration please contact us now. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.screed