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hydrostatic power trowel

A trip to Northern Spain results in a contractor culling 4 10ft machines from the job in favour of 1 STX6H hydrostatic power trowel from Multiquip

After seeing the STX6H machine at the World of Concrete, a contractor was keen to see it in action. The company is based in Northern Spain so, naturally, we didn’t need any 2nd invitations to show them the awesome finishing capability of the Whiteman Multiquip STX6H hydrostatic power trowel.

The job was an industrial warehouse of around 1,500 square metres. Both sales and service personnel travelled to work with the contractor to get them familiar with the features and operation. The site was set up with 4 ride on trowels ready to work the slab as the client would do normally, using the STX6H power trowel on a small area whilst the other trowels worked the main section of the floor. 

After a short while it was clear the concrete finishing and polishing technology of the Whiteman Multiquip STX6H, rated by many as the world’s leading fully Hydrostatic power trowel, would be all that was required on the job. Once the finishers got to grip with the controls enabling them to get the very best out of the remarkable STX6H it soon became the case of it being passed around the team. 

As part of the training, we were able to demonstrate the full catalogue of exclusive STX6H features.

Cruise Control to reduce operator fatigue.
LED Lights for maximum illumination during nighttime or indoor working.
Retardant Spray System providing uniform coverage of the slab surface.
Proportional Hydraulic Steering for enhanced responsiveness.
SmartPitch™ synchronised blade pitch.
Multifunctional Display providing easy-to-read data that maximises efficiency for your hydrostatic power trowel.
Rotor Jog designed to ensure spiders rotate slowly to prevent surface marring as pans separate from the slab surface.
12 Volt Outlet for charging electronic devices.
Panning mode to make sure the trowel blades are completely flat so no pressure is applied to the pans.
6 Blade Spider assemblies and 33 per cent extra blade contact assures users that they will produce the flattest floors possible
Clamshell Design for simpler maintenance
Automatic Shut-Down that stops the rotors if the operator stands up while the engine is running.
Increased Chassis Rigidity and Stability that reduces risk of body roll and improves steering control.

hydrostatic power trowel

So, why is it so good? Although the STX6H hydrostatic power trowel is the heaviest machine we offer, the additional blade coverage means that the PSI per square inch is less than the smaller HTX machine, meaning you can get on the floor quicker. For the users, this means the ability to cut the high spots and fill the low spots early to get flatter floors quicker and easier. 

If you would like more information about our Hydrostatic Drive and Mechanical Drive Ride-on concrete power trowel range, or to arrange a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: sales@mq.asonedev.co.uk or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.hydrostatic power trowel

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