Silica Dust The Next Asbestos

The risks of silica dust have recently been highlighted after a stone mason in Scotland was awarded the highest-ever settlement for silicosis at £3.5m.

Silica is the biggest occupational hazard to construction workers after asbestos and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Respiratory Health are conducting a review on its initial report to update workers on the risk of silica dust and preventative measures.

The report said that in the UK alone an estimated 600,000 workers are exposed to silica. Symptoms include a persistent cough, shortness of breath with weakness and tiredness making the risks of silica dust serious enough to make it to a Parliament committee level. There is no cure and treatments aim to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. The All Party Parliamentary Group for Respiratory Health has urged the Government to take action to prevent the “next asbestos” from taking more lives in the UK.

Here at Multiquip we are proud to play our part in tackling the risks of silica dust head on with the extraction technology incorporated in to our iQMS362 and iQ360XT masonry saws. Safety on the job site plays an important part of our mindset when it comes to product offerings, and the dustless system of our masonry saw will help when it comes to reducing the risks of silica dust.

Aside from the significant health benefits the iQMS362 masonry saw is the next game changer for the construction industry. It’s unmatched speed and accuracy, versatility in material cutting, portability, power management and dust collection make the iQMS362 dry cut masonry saw the top choice for masonry professionals.

The Q-Drive blade allows the iQMS362 to cut up to 40 % faster than any competitor in its class. No other masonry saw can cut as fast or as wide a range of materials as this masonry saw. The Q-Drive blades incorporate the latest in diamond tool technology. The arrayed diamonds make for faster, more consistent cutting speeds. When one set of diamonds begin to wear out there is a 2nd row right behind that is ready to cut.

The 3 stage cyclonic filtration and the dust containment features are what really makes this masonry saw stand out. We firmly believe the iQMS362 can help companies and employees take steps towards trying to tackle the risks of silica dust head on which is entirely preventable but unfortunately, often fatal.

Why not visit our website to view all the dustless saws, including the iQMS362 and read the 5 star reviews from existing customers who have purchased this magnificent product

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