What oil should I use in my gearbox?

We use a semi synthetic Remus 460 gear oil

What oil should I use in the engine?

We use a 5/30 engine oil.

What size blades are on the machines?

24” machines take 5” * 9.25”, 36” machines have 6” * 14” (finish) or 8” * 14” (combi), 46” machines
have 6” * 18 (finish) or 8” x 18” (combi) and 60” machines have 6” * 23” (finish) or 8” * 23” (combi)

How often should you service machines?

All service schedules are available on our website here (link)

What are the Hand Arm Vibration Figures for the machines?

All the hand arm vibration figures are available in our product guide here (link)

What size area do you need for a ride on trowel?

Jobs of around 10,000 square feet are good sizes for ride on trowels.

My machine isn’t working correctly.

Troubleshooting is part of our manuals but you can also call our service department on 0161 339
2223 option 4 or email service@multiquip.co.uk

What kind of oil goes in the hydraulic machines?

Our recommendation is T68 Appollo hydraulic oil