Polymer Mixer Drum

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Product Description

Built to last and designed for advanced convenience, the Polymer Mixer Drum brings improved reliability and ease of use to concrete mixing operations. Constructed from a robust, long-lasting polymer material, this mixer drum eliminates rust and maximizes operability with a non-stick interior surface. The removable paddles provide added flexibility while taking cleaning to the next level – say goodbye to chemicals and acids! Maintenance has never been so hassle-free. And thanks to its recyclability, you’ll be doing your part for the environment too. With reduced man hours spent on cleaning and maintenance combined with its cost-effective return on investment, the Polymer Mixer Drum gives construction workers an impressive edge both on the job site and in their workflows.

The Mix N Go Polymer Mixer Tub is suitable for most UK Mini-mixers of 3 cubic foot, including the market’s most common mini-mixer.

Using a polymer mixer drum means you’ll need to replace your drum less frequently, and it’s far easier to maintain it for longer. This makes it better for the environment, your workflow, and your bottom line. Order your mixer drum today.

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