KRAFT Lightweight Bump Cutter

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Product Description

Magnesium Bump Cutter Keyhole Paver’s Straightedge with Bracket, Braces, and Handle

Unique keyhole design provides strength to this 120″ straightedge. Sturdy highway straightedge and checking tool in one is made from Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium, which is 30% lighter than aluminum. The bump cutter comes complete with braces to provide support along the expanse. A Knucklehead attaches the button handle to the straightedge. A roller bearing collar makes adjustments easy. Packing up your tools is easy with a new quick release pin on the end of the braces.

Products specifications
Name Value
Length 120.0000
Height 4.5000
Width 2.5000
Material Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium
Blade Material Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium
Handle Material Aluminum
Handle Length 120
Blade Length 10’/12′

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10ft, 12ft

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