Not all Magic Screeds are Magic Screeds

magic screed

Beware, even though other companies may claim it’s a Magic Screed … it isn’t.

There is only one company in the UK that can supply genuine Magic Screed concrete levelling equipment. That is Multiquip. No other UK company has a license to sell Magic Screed products, so if anyone other than Multiquip offers you a new Magic floating screed … it won’t be genuine.

The reason why some companies call their concrete levelling products Magic Screed – when in fact it is another brand all-together – is that it is the original portable vibrating floating screed equipment … and it has been the market leader for over 35-years.

In other words, Magic Screed has become a generic term for all floating screed concrete levelling products. A bit like Hoover has become a generic term for vacuum cleaners … no matter what the real brand name is. Or Thermos has become a generic term for vacuum flasks … no matter what the real brand name is.

But remember … there is only one genuine range of Magic Screed concrete levelling products. It is the original. The best. And in the UK it is exclusively available from one single source – Multiquip.

When the technology was first introduced over 35-years ago, it totally revolutionised the way large areas of concrete could be levelled and smoothed by one appliance far faster, much better, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than was ever possible before.

It was a revolution that changed the industry’s approach to concrete levelling and smoothing forever.  

So much so that quite naturally other manufacturers attempted to copy the technology, albeit unsuccessfully. Magic Screed has always been ahead of the game.  It has always been the market leader.

The innovative concept behind the success of the product is that the ultra-reliable Honda motor generates an unmatched vibration that is distributed along the entire length of the blade. This, in turn, is transferred to the concrete in order to create an excellent surface vibration that penetrates up to 152mm in depth and ensures excellent compaction together with a smooth, aggregate-free surface.

The Magic Screed control unit could not be easier to handle and control, enabling the operator to produce the very best results within the least possible time. Blades range from 1.2m up to 4.8m in length.

For further information on the range that is exclusively available in the UK from Multiquip please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

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