Why Buy A Dustless Saw?

Why Buy A Dustless Saw?

Quite simply, a dustless and waterless saw is going to protect your health and your wealth. The range of iQ Power Tools Waterless Saws that are available exclusively from Multiquip UK will save time, money and your lungs.

Time is saved by avoiding cleanup of the inevitable slurry which comes from saws that use water, and money is saved not only by saving time, but also by making the site more efficient. Because the saws collect 99.5% of dust, it’s easy to cut tiles inside the rooms where they are being installed. By capturing this dust, including respirable silica dust, it’s safe for operators and others to work in the vicinity of the saws without risking their health.

How Does A Dustless Saw Save Me Money?

We know that time is money in our world. By saving you cleaning time, both at the end of a job and throughout the work, and by making your site more efficient, a waterless saw from iQ Power Tools, available exclusively through Multiquip UK, you could bring down your costs from day one.

You can work out exactly how much money an iQ Dry Cut Saw could save you by using the calculator found here.

How Does A Dustless Saw Protect My Lungs?

By collecting 99.5% of dust, the iQ power tools range significantly decreases your risk of inhaling respirable silica dust. The iQ power tools range of dry cut saws have all the dust collection integrated – there’s no risk of losing your dust hood or dust extractor. By investing in a dry cut, waterless saw, you’re ensuring that you protect your lungs and your staff on-site.

What Are The Risks Of Respirable Silica Dust?

Respirable silica dust is one of the biggest risks to tilers and stonemasons. When you breathe it in, the dust particles get trapped in mucus in your lungs. That creates scar tissue, and you lose that piece of your lungs. Over time, your lung capacity decreases and decreases, not only making it harder to work long days, but harder to play sports or run around with your kids. Protecting your lungs from repairable silica dust should be top of your list of safety concerns.

How Will A Dustless Saw Lower My Costs?

A dry cut saw means you can cut inside, and that might mean you can operate a much smaller site. A dry cut, waterless saw means that there’s no slurry that is difficult and time-consuming to clean. A dry cut, waterless saw means that more people can work in its vicinity, meaning that freshly cut tile is laid quicker. You’d be surprised at how much quicker you can get your job can be done, saving on staff costs and saving on clean-up.

Where To Buy A Dustless Saw?

Multiquip UK are the exclusive provider of the iQ Power Tools range of dustless & waterless saws. Our tools are dustless and waterless, meaning that you can cut inside and you can cut all year round. Without relying on water to control the dust, our range of tools is simply more useful and more versatile than those that require water to work.

How Does A Dry Cut Saw Work?

IQ saws are designed with an integrated vacuum, filter and dust containment system. This innovative design combines the features of a professional tile saw with a powerful cyclonic vacuum system that cuts cleanly and efficiently with no water and collects 99.5% of all dust.

Where Does The Dust Go In A Dry Cut Saw?

IQ Saws use a unique cyclonic filtration system which separates the dust into large, medium and fine dust particles. The fine dust goes through a filter which can be cleaned by rotating it through 360 degrees every day. The large and medium particles go through separate filters to be deposited in a collection tray underneath the saw. This tray can be taken separately and emptied as required. The filters require changing once a year.

Are Dry Cut Saws Any Good?

Dustless, waterless saws will revolutionise the way you cut material on site. Cutting inside means that freshly cut tiles, bricks and stones can be laid straight off the cutting block, without the risk of damage in transit. Material can be cut in smaller spaces and in the vicinity of other workers because the respirable silica dust is now a negligible issue. As always, if you’re still unsure, you can always book a free demonstration with Multiquip UK by contacting our team on 0161 339 2223.

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