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Our range of concrete vibration poker tools helps you achieve correct consolidation every time

One of the biggest causes of concrete failure is poor consolidation. But that really does not have to be a problem because with our range of vibration poker tools it becomes very easy and very effective to ensure that the correct level of consolidation is achieved consistently and within the shortest period of time.

Our highly recommended range of concrete vibration poker equipment is designed to work in medium to high-slump concrete and generally speaking typical applications include small pours, slabs, driveways, stem walls and footings.

The problem of poor consolidation is that immediately after placement concrete typically contains up to 20 per cent entrapped air, although this does vary according to the type of mix, the slump, placement method, form size and the amount of reinforcing steel.

Concrete vibration, using the most appropriate vibration poker will dramatically improve the compression strength of the concrete in two distinct ways – firstly by moving concrete particles and secondly by removing trapped air.

At Multiquip our Concrete Accessories range offers an excellent selection of vibration poker options including a choice of petrol, electric and pneumatic drives.

All of these are extremely effective and come equipped with long, flexible hose linking the power source to the vibration poker, therefore making it extremely easy and manageable for you to reach all areas of the concrete, even into the most remote corners, in order to ensure you consistently attain the optimum consolidation levels.

 We have numerous options available and our range includes:

High Frequency pokers

High Frequency Poker

Electric Pokers

Electric Poker

Petrol and Backpack Pokers

Back Pack Poker

Each tool within these ranges has its own specific benefits and advantages and we will be pleased to discuss with you the most appropriate option for your type of work profile.  Whichever you choose though, you can rely on the fact that each and everyone has been used and has been fully approved by innumerable concrete contractors all around the world and they are all highly recommended for their reliability, rugged construction, excellent value for money and above all for the effective results they produce.

Full technical details, prices, parts and personally prepared maintenance plans are readily available by contacting our office and in order to assist you in your decision we are pleased to provide the highly informative Concrete Vibration Handbook

Concrete Vibration Handbook

Please click on the cover to browse this most useful book. For any other information, including demonstrations please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.vibration poker

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