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At Multiquip UK, we’ve been providing the tools that help construction workers all over the world do their job quicker, more effectively and safer – the latter of which has always been at the forefront of our product innovation. One of the areas which we are always looking to make safer is lifting in construction, and our powered hand truck is designed to protect your resources and yourself when working on-site.

Lifting in construction without assistance puts huge strain on your legs and back, and it’s not sustainable for weeks on the job, with no time to rest. Beyond this, actually injuring your back can leave you in real difficulty, unable to work in the immediate and long-term difficulties are always a concern with back injuries. Currently in the UK, the average claim for a back injury is around £8,000.00 so there is considerable consequences for the employer & employee in regards to bad methods of manual handling.

The Powered Hand Truck available on our website uses the principles of balance and leverage to ensure safe lifting and moving of heavy, bulky and fragile objects and materials of up to 140kg by just one person. Safety is always of paramount importance to us at Multiquip and this bit of kit allows you to work safer and faster, transporting what needs to go around site without the need for motor-powered equipment or risking your own personal safety.

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is currently in use on sites all over the world, protecting workers from bad backs and injuries globally, and in the UK Multiquip are the exclusive providers of this market-leading technology in the UK. Lifting in construction can be very dangerous if not done properly, and the powered hand truck that we supply protects you on-site.

If you’re worried about your back from lifting in construction or the health of your staff on-site, then investing in a powered hand truck can keep you at work, protect your materials on-site and can help to meet project deadlines. To find out more, talk to the experts at Multiquip on 0161 339 2223 or via email at Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our Contact page which can be found here.

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