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Multiquip is yet again leading the way with a deicer for concrete like no other.

All other ice melts stop working at -26 F and this goes all the way to -80 F; it even works better the colder it gets. 

The product keeps the ice from forming a bond, so it doesn’t just get rid of your ice now, but it protects your projects from icing over in the future, too.

You should still clean all slush from the surface. That doesn’t mean the surface needs to be super clean, just ensure that you don’t have ponding water as that will cause water intrusion and pop-outs. Prompt removal of slush from concrete surfaces will further minimize the chance of damage. The surface will dry after the treatment, making it a very safe walking surface. 

This deicer for concrete should be applied with a pump sprayer. It’s important to not over-apply, not just because it’s expensive but because judicious use of deicers will minimize concrete damage. The correct treatment quantities are listed below:

Pre-storm treatment: 800 ft2/gal (19 m2/L)
Once Ice or snow formed: 500 ft2/gal (12 m2/L)

Conditions with ice or snow over 0.5 inch (13mm) may require a heavier rate of application. Reapply as needed 

We have a client who sells truckloads of deicer for concrete to contractors every year. One of the items that captured his attention was the ability to use this on “Green” Concrete during the construction phase without fear of chloride damage. 

PermaMelt is easy to use and when you keep your surfaces clean, this deicer for concrete is on hand to help you out when the weather might have other ideas about concreting!

Question: Does it work even if a thin film of ice remains on the concrete? 

Answer: If you clean the surface the best you can and spray it down it will de-bond the ice and you should then remove that the best you can and then the surface will begin drying as you can see happening in my pictures. This happens because when the temp is that cold the humidity is usually very low and because the water can’t freeze it evaporates. 

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