What is Slab Armor??

Contractors are always keen to look for what can give them the edge with the construction of a concrete floor. At Multiquip, the Slab Armor range of products is designed to do exactly that. We can assist contractors to get their concrete floors tighter and stronger whilst at the same time eliminating dust and excessive wear.

What is Slab Armor? It is a two-step concrete curing, densifying and surface refinement system. The product is applied directly onto the concrete floor and worked in with a power trowel. It penetrates to a depth of 1” – increasing surface density and reducing permeability while providing abrasion resistance/wear characteristics comparable to trap rock or dry-shake hardeners.

What are ideal applications for Slab Armor? Floors in industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses, agricultural facilities, water treatment plants, chemical processing facilities and oil refineries are ideal.
Slab Armor is recommended for use whenever and wherever a new concrete floor is placed and maximum hardness and durability are required.

How is the Slab Armor system applied? It is a two-step process that must be applied in accordance with the instructions on the technical data sheets and package label.
Slab Armor Starter is applied at time of placement and worked completely into the surface using a trowel equipped with float pans. The concrete floor is troweled until the desired level of burnish/finish is achieved.
Slab Armor Closer is applied immediately after power trowel finishing is completed following
label instructions.
Slab Armor Plus Seal & Shine is applied after cleaning the slab with an auto scrubber and
burnishing, it forms an insoluble chemical bond to produce a dense sealed surface, with a superior hardness, an enhanced gloss and a slip resistance concrete floor.

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How does Slab Armor benefit the contractor? It enables the concrete floor to retain more moisture over a longer period of time, producing a tighter, higher strength and a more consolidated finish while eliminating dusting, pitting and excessive wear. A treated concrete floor keeps spills suspended on the surfaces substantially longer than untreated floors.
Once applied it provides a highly abrasion-resistant surface comparable to quartz shake hardener and will significantly improve the durability and sustainability of the concrete floor when compared to an untreated concrete floor. It can also significantly reduce costs by reducing the amount of secondary labour required as cracks are significantly reduced. Dry shake pigments and hardeners can be finished like regular concrete. As a side benefit, it also produces a high-gloss finish on the concrete floor.

Must Slab Armor Starter and Closer always be used together? Slab Armor is a system and the individual products cannot be used independently if you are seeking the full benefits of a Slab Armor floor. The Closer is a hydrophobic fixative (water repellent), that penetrates and cross-links with The Starter, quickly producing a higher level of initial hardness with minimal downtime. Slab Armor Plus Seal & Shine is essential for obtaining the desired level of performance and high-gloss aesthetics on a concrete floor.

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To learn more about the full range of Slab Armor products then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at sales@mq.asonedev.co.uk or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

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