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Concrete Finishing

We’ve put a lot more into it… so you can get a lot more out of it

Multiquip has had a website for several years, but a few months ago we felt that it was time for a change – but not change for change’s sake, though. We decided that our new website had to be far more interactive for the benefit of our customers. Of course, it has to provide all the product information you are looking for, but just as importantly we believed that it has to be a working website through which you can gain additional information about all the technical aspects of our equipment. It has to be a two-way facility as well so that you are able to place an order or ‘chat’ with us if you need any help or advice on products such as our world famous concrete finishing technology. It has to help customers keep in touch with their account details. In fact, all in all, our new website has to be more informative, more helpful… and more customer friendly.

The key to unlocking all the information on our new website is our Menu. This is the ‘three bar icon’ at the top left of the home page.

Click on the Menu and you’ll see a full list of different information pages. Obviously, these include a Products section that opens up to reveal a huge catalogue of all our different product lines, including our top-selling concrete finishing equipment. Every one of these, of course, is available to order online.

There is also a Customer Service section which allows you to track your orders, ask questions about After Sales requirements, request a Service, as well as check out Technical Information and Warranty Support. This section also includes an extensive library of Operations and Parts Manuals.

If you click on Knowledge Base then you will be able to search for Handbooks and Technical Information on the equipment in which you are interested.

The Menu also allows you to link into your Account so that you can keep a close eye on what is what, including order status etc.

And finally, welcome to Multiquip TV. This is an invaluable video library that features a selection of our YouTube films demonstrating different tools and equipment such as concrete finishing technology. This is just the beginning though and Multiquip TV will be introducing many more useful and informative films over the coming weeks and months.

Very shortly we hope to launch a ‘Live Chat’ facility to our website, but in the meantime if you need to speak to us for any advice or if you have any questions then please talk to one of our experts. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

Concrete Finishing

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