New concrete finishing products from Multiquip

concrete finishing products

We’ll even come and demo our concrete finishing products for you

concrete finishing products

We’d like to introduce you to the remarkable Multiquip SlabArmor™ concrete solutions range. A new, innovative range of high-performance concrete finishing products that will not only enable you to improve the way you place new concrete flooring, but these revolutionary and environmentally-friendly chemical solutions also provide exciting new opportunities to help you improve finishing, appearance and performance … more than that, they make future maintenance easier, safer and more profitable for you.


Multiquip SlabArmor™ is rapidly confirming its reputation as the industry’s most advanced range of quality concrete finishing products. Most importantly, every product in the Multiquip SlabArmor ™ range is totally environmentally friendly with neutral ph compositions that are designed to protect the environment and at the same time to safeguard your workforce.

Now we would like to prove it to you on your site.

We’re supremely confident that once you have experienced the Multiquip SlabArmor™ products in action you will be as impressed as we are. So please give us a call, talk to us about jobs you have coming up and we will be more than happy to come along to show you these remarkable concrete finishing products in action and let you see, first hand, all the many benefits they bring.

SlabArmor™ Starter
Refines the surface of the slab while retaining 97 per cent of the placement water, significantly minimising volume loss, cracking and curling. It helps with initial curing protection, evaporation retardant and acts as a finishing aid.

SlabArmor™ Closer
A spray-on, leave-on condensifier that hardens and creates a dustproof barrier in a single application with minimal cleanup.

SlabArmor Plus™ Clean & Condition
Specially formulated to clean and enhance polished concrete. Regular use will also significantly increase the abrasion resistance of any concrete floor.

SlabArmor Plus™ Condition & Restore
A high-performance neutral ph cleaner, conditioner and restorer that quickly releases oil spillage and deposits from the floor surface through a sophisticated proprietary chemical composition including ultra-effective wetting agents.

SlabArmor Plus™ Seal & Shine
This innovative, super-reactive and rapidly penetrating formula produces an insoluble chemical bond that creates a dense sealed surface incorporating exceptional hardness, enhanced gloss and slip resistance.

If you would like us to demonstrate any of the SlabArmor™ concrete finishing products on one of your sites then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page, or you can even get in touch with us on social media via our Facebook page. 

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