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Ssshhh…… is that generator on?

Quiet 16 kva generator

The Makinex 16kva Honda engine generator is making big noises by not making big noises.                                

There was an old saying that children should be seen and not heard. Thankfully our quiet engine generators are not as outdated as that saying or some other makes of power equipment.

Here at Multiquip, we are proud to offer another advancement in a common construction product with the Makinex quiet engine generator range. Available in either 10kva or 16kva these robust, powerful generators are ideal for providing power to equipment for a wide range of applications. They are fitted with a noise-dampening cabinet to ensure compliance with noise regulations for outdoor use.

 Quiet Engine Generator

There are many generators on the market but none are as quiet or can be used in the same environment as our generators. At 66db our generators are quieter than a vacuum cleaner and the same as a tumble dryer.

These Honda Engine generators are suitable for outdoor use in rental yards, construction sites, and rural areas. A unique push handle with four wheels give great manoeuvrability and transport around the workplace is a snap.

Innovative design allows these units to be one of the quietest generators in the industry, suitable for use in any outdoor application which gives these products the Quiet Engine Generator tag.


Outlets Honda Engine Generator

The alternator in these generators incorporates a special design that allows the user to extract 15% more power from the same engine giving enough energy to power anything, anywhere.

As well as being the most compact generator on the market, both generators come with the reliable Honda Engine, GX390 in the 10kva and GX690 in the 16kva. For outlets, the 10kva comes with 2 x 230v outlets and 1 x 400v outlet and the 16kva has 1 x 110v, 1 x 230v and 1 x 400v meaning that you can combine 3 phase and single phase outlets.

If 16kva is not enough for you, we can provide a parallel box which will allow you to combine 2 generators together giving you a combined 32kva.

Parallel box

All our Honda engine generators come with a 3year warranty giving great peace of mind to the user which is why these units are becoming the go to for the construction industry.

Why not visit our website to view our range of quiet engine generators. here.


We are offering huge summer discounts on both the 16va and 10va models!

16KVA was £11,440 is now £5,550! That’s a saving of over 50%! >SHOP NOW<

10KVA was £7,344 is now £4,250! That’s a saving of over 40%! >SHOP NOW<

These summer savings are only available while stocks last! 

If you would like to know more about our range of generators, or to arrange a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.




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Work Faster, Work Safer

At Multiquip UK, we’ve been providing the tools that help construction workers all over the world do their job quicker, more effectively and safer – the latter of which has always been at the forefront of our product innovation. One of the areas which we are always looking to make safer is lifting in construction, and our powered hand truck is designed to protect your resources and yourself when working on-site.

Lifting in construction without assistance puts huge strain on your legs and back, and it’s not sustainable for weeks on the job, with no time to rest. Beyond this, actually injuring your back can leave you in real difficulty, unable to work in the immediate and long-term difficulties are always a concern with back injuries. Currently in the UK, the average claim for a back injury is around £8,000.00 so there is considerable consequences for the employer & employee in regards to bad methods of manual handling.

The Powered Hand Truck available on our website uses the principles of balance and leverage to ensure safe lifting and moving of heavy, bulky and fragile objects and materials of up to 140kg by just one person. Safety is always of paramount importance to us at Multiquip and this bit of kit allows you to work safer and faster, transporting what needs to go around site without the need for motor-powered equipment or risking your own personal safety.

The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is currently in use on sites all over the world, protecting workers from bad backs and injuries globally, and in the UK Multiquip are the exclusive providers of this market-leading technology in the UK. Lifting in construction can be very dangerous if not done properly, and the powered hand truck that we supply protects you on-site.

If you’re worried about your back from lifting in construction or the health of your staff on-site, then investing in a powered hand truck can keep you at work, protect your materials on-site and can help to meet project deadlines. To find out more, talk to the experts at Multiquip on 0161 339 2223 or via email at Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our Contact page which can be found here.

lifting in construction

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Breathing easy while dry cutting with iQ Saws

iQ Saws - Dry Cutting

Controlling respirable silica dust while dry cutting concrete and masonry is essential to worker safety. These tools will keep your workers safe.

Many of the best tools in the concrete and masonry business were invented by a contractor who had a need and found a solution. “I was working with my brother Joel [as a masonry contractor] and we were trying to put together our dust control program,” says Paul Guth, president of iQ Power Tools. “But we couldn’t find what we needed so we decided to adapt our own tools. We wanted to do dry cutting so we developed our own dust collection tool to use in our business. We took it to our first trade show (World of Concrete) in 2004 and sold machines right off the floor so we knew we had something.”

Dry Cutting - iQ Dustless Saws

Even before OSHA changed the requirements for controlling respirable silica dust in 2017, contractors knew that protecting their workers from dust was important. Inhaling the very fine silica dust created when dry cutting concrete or masonry causes irreversible lung damage and can lead to silicosis. Guth explains that “the dust you breathe into your lungs gets trapped by a little mucus pod that then creates a little scar tissue and you just lost that piece of lung. The more you breathe that dust, you continue to lose lung capacity. If a guy starts doing that when he’s 19 years old, by the time he’s 30 he can have significantly reduced lung capacity. That’s the simple message I want workers to understand: when you’re 30 years old do you still want to be able to run around with your kids?”

There are various ways of controlling the dust generated during cutting but many rely on water. “Dry cutting has a lot of advantages, says Guth. “If you’re indoors or in Michigan in the winter, wet cutting is not an option. Here in California, it depends on the kind of project. We were doing a big jail project and the specification said that if we wet-cut a CMU we had to wait 24 hours to install it. To be 24 hours ahead on every cut is a real challenge so we decided we needed to dry cut and that meant we needed a dust control system. So a masonry saw was one of the first tools we made. We just built it in our shop and used it.”

Today, all iQ’s tools incorporate a dry cyclonic dust extractor system. “When we are developing a tool, whether a concrete saw or a tile saw, we always integrate the dust collection so the end user can just turn it on and use it. He doesn’t have to go find a dust hood and a dust extractor or the adapters or anything,” Guth says.

iQ’s tools meet the OSHA requirements but Guth’s team doesn’t focus on that. “We never used that as a scare tactic. We met the requirements even before the new regs. The rules are there to protect people. We were involved as they were being revised. My brother went to Washington and testified. We were big proponents of leaving the regulations where they were and just truly enforce them. But they ended up changing things and it’s more complicated but also more comprehensive. It has good and bad points. Most contractors try to meet the regulations. It depends on the size of the contractor and who they are working for. Larger general contractors, their insurance companies are telling them to comply, so they are pushing that down to the mason contractors and the concrete contractors. They need to understand the regulations, put the training in place, and make sure they are using the right tools. There’s training involved and having a competent person to manage the risk. From a contractor’s point of view, it’s a pain, but in the end it’s the right thing to do to protect our workers.”

Dry Cutting iQ Saws
iQ continues to thrive during the pandemic by innovating. Only now, in addition to building new tools, it’s in how they communicate with their dealers and customers. Since bringing people into their headquarters in California became impossible, they came up with what they call the iQ Virtual Visitor, a cord-free webcast studio on wheels. “It’s completely mobile,” says Guth, so we can use it to make Zoom calls anywhere in the world. We can bring in, virtually, 15 or 20 of our dealers or customers and do live demonstrations, training sessions, step-by-step maintenance procedures, or take them for a tour of our warehouse. A year ago we wouldn’t have thought of doing this but it’s definitely something we’re going hold on to after the pandemic is over. It’s a very effective way to communicate with a lot of people.”

Sarah Hurtado, iQ’s marketing manager, adds, “iQ believes in personal relationships. There are actually real people ‘behind the tools. We care about both our customers and our customers’ customers. We plan to continue providing hours of educational and interesting opportunity videos during this time of physical distance. The iQ Virtual Visitor is an easy and powerful way for our customers to see key features and benefits of some of our tools and the many benefits they offer.”

If you’re interested in the iQ saws range at Multiquip we are the exclusive UK supplier! View the range online or contact our team for a product demonstration!

Blog credits – and Bill Palmer

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Pioneering walk behind trowels since the 1930s

walk behind trowel

The MQ Whiteman walk behind trowel has been at the centre of the concrete finishing world for over 80 years.

The Multiquip MQ Whiteman walk behind trowel range is today universally recognised as the best in the world. Able to deliver high horsepower, excellent rotor speeds and built-in durability, MQ Whiteman walk behind power trowels have been the favourite of concrete contractors for generations.

Top-quality components. Concrete contractors demand reliable equipment to get the job done right. The MQ Whiteman gearbox uses a heat-treated worm gear and composite bronze gear to ensure that your machine isn’t sidelined during a critical job.

Low cost of ownership. Our spider assembly uses high-strength wear plates made of trowel steel to prevent wear on key components. Repairing your trowel won’t cost you the earth as we make sure our replacement parts are priced correctly. Low cost, high wearing service parts which none of the competition have and why we believe makes our walk behind trowels the best in the industry.

walk behind trowel

Quick Pitch Handle system. Our patented spring-loaded design enables the operator to react rapidly to changing concrete conditions. Blade pitch is increased or decreased in 0.3cm increments by moving the latching lever back and forth. For infinite blade control of your walk behind trowel, we have the standard handle enabling you to adjust the pitch to your desired angle. Ergonomic handle design provides more comfort for the operator and isolation mounts on the handle ensure industry low vibration figures. 

walk behind trowel

Ongoing product development. At MQ Whiteman we don’t stand still when it comes to development. That’s why we’ve introduced our unique 3 in 1 walk behind trowel. It is a 36” machine which can be converted to a 30” machine and is also an edger in both configurations. The patented ABS plastic rotating guard ring resists concrete build up. This walk behind trowel comes with either Quick Pitch or Standard option and is shipped in 36” configuration. 

walk behind trowel

The top of the range. The MQ Whiteman 1201cm HDA series walk behind trowel features a heavy duty gearbox, CVT drive system and a 13HP Honda engine. This machine can deliver blade speed up to 225 rpm which is perfect for high specification low tolerance floors. This heavy duty walk behind trowel delivers the power and performance required by top contractors.

When you purchase a walk behind trowel from Multiquip our full customer assurance package includes comprehensive operator training, together with an unbeatable field support program.

If you would like to know more about our range of MQ Whiteman walk behind trowels, or to arrange a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

magic screed

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Multiquip cuts to the chase

brick saw

Multiquip UK had an unprecedented level of visitors during the recent exhibition at Olympia London. On show was the range of dustless saws that are currently available with the iQMS362 brick saw attracting huge interest.

With visitors encouraged to get hands-on, contractors and safety personnel alike were able to view first hand these amazing saws to get an idea for themselves how much value they can offer in terms of performance, build quality and the health and safety benefits. 

Traditionally a brick saw is a type of masonry saw that uses a diamond blade to cut through hard materials with the blade being cooled by water. With the iQMS362, no water is required thanks to the integrated dry cut technology.

brick saw

The iQMS362 brick saw is fitted with a vacuum system, filter system and a dust containment tray. The 270-degree dust reduction system captures the dust within the blade guard, rear dust guard and a louvred table also captures downdraft via a high powered vacuum.

The dust then passes through a 3 stage filtration system capturing heavy debris, fine particles and superfine particles. The result is that this brick saw captures 99.5% of the dust and silica generated in a 20kg capacity containment tray.

brick saw

In addition to the dust capture, the focused airflow from the vacuum keeps the blade cool to the touch during cutting. This means less heat, less friction, less warping and increased life of your saw blade.

The special Q drive saw blade cuts 40% faster than any other brick saw blade and can cut through a range of materials from soft manufactured stone to dense paving stones. This saw can cut through a 60mm x 100mm paving stone in three seconds. In fact, clients who have already purchased these machines are saving on wastage as the quality of the cut is so good, the offcuts can be used. This isn’t always possible with a traditional brick saw.

The iQ Power Management system with soft-start technology controls the power ramp-up for smooth uninterrupted operation, extending the life of your brick saw.

brick saw

Imagine what this new technology could do for your company. It’s all the more reason why you have to see – and try – it for yourself.  We know you won’t be disappointed. In fact, we know you’ll be more than impressed.

Demonstrations are currently happening up and down the UK. We are confident the iQMS362 brick saw will provide the perfect investment for your business and your workforce. Less start-up time, less cleanup time, less wastage and most importantly, no harmful silica and dust to be inhaled by your workforce.

To learn more about the iQMS362™ brick saw then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

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Time is Money at London Build

wet tile saw

Multiquip UK aims to show contractors they can save time and money by cutting with a dry cut tile saw instead of a wet tile saw at London Build.

Benjamin Franklin, a man known for his productivity and various talents, once said ‘Time is money’ and here at Multiquip UK we believe if he was ever tiling his bathroom, he would use the iQTS244 tile saw.

The main problem workers have with a wet tile saw are threefold; location, setup and cleanup. Most often the location has to be outside, in the garage or outside away from the job. If cutting can’t be done at the site where the job is meant to happen, setup time can delay the job starting. After the job is done, you then have the cleanup to do and the messy disposal of slurry and contaminated slurry.

At Multiquip UK, we can offer you a solution to your wet cutting nightmares. The iQTS244 is the best tile saw for professional contractors. With fully integrated dust collection technology, this innovative design combines the power of the top of the line wet tile saw with a powerful cyclonic vacuum. The result is a saw which solves the threefold problem of location, setup and cleanup.

You can cut wherever there is a power supply within small spaces and you don’t need a water source. No walking to and from the job. Easy transportation means setup can be done in seconds. No water or slurry to be disposed of means clean up can be done quickly. Traditionally, a wet tile saw requires you to find a water source, usually away from the job means walking backwards and forwards all day. Set up requires tarps, guards, hoses and buckets. Clean up requires the breakdown of the cutting station, cleaning up your slurry and disposing of contaminated water. Less time spent setting up and cleaning up means you can spend more time doing what you do best; completing great jobs and making money.

wet tile saw

So how can you cut dry tile without water cooling the blade? This is a question asked by the pros. The answer is the Q-drive blade with Cool Cut Technology. The proprietary composition of diamond concentration, metal type and flange thickness cuts cool while reducing vibration and movement. The blade is engineered to cut the tile dry while still remaining cool to the touch with no warping or wandering more than matching the cuts on a traditional wet tile saw. The built-in vacuum on the iQTS244 air cools the blade while removing debris so the blade isn’t regrinding the same material, reducing friction and heat.

wet tile saw

Why not visit our stand at the London Build Expo to see it for yourself. We’re exhibiting at stand A58 and not only will we demonstrate the incredible performance of this new tile saw, but you’ll be able to prove to yourself that it is totally unbeatable when it comes to speed, precision, quality control, cleanliness … and a much more effective tool than a wet tile saw.

Imagine what this new technology could do for your company.  In some cases, this tool is paying for itself after only a handful of jobs. Wet cutting is adding almost 2 hours to every job. For someone who is on the UK minimum wage, based on a 40 hour week, that equates to over £1,400 per month just to do setup and cleanup. It’s all the more reason why you have to see – and try – it for yourself.  We know you won’t be disappointed. In fact, we know you’ll be more than impressed.

If you can’t wait until you go to London Build to learn more about the iQTS244™ then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.wet tile saw