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Our Grind & Shine workshops put a shine on everyone’s faces

Concrete Trowel

Visitors enjoyed lessons with the latest concrete trowel technology

Last week we arranged two one-day ‘Grinding & Shine’ workshops for contractors who wished to learn more about the latest Grind & Shine techniques and in particular for those who were keen to try out the latest Ride On Concrete Trowel technology for themselves. Before the event we have to admit that we were a little uncertain how many people and companies would be interested in attending them. Not that we needed to be worried. Both Grind & Shine workshops were exceptionally well attended and we were delighted to welcome visitors from all parts of the UK and even people who had traveled from different European countries in order to catch up on what’s new and to try out the latest concrete trowel innovations for themselves.

The first part of each day was taken up with in-depth presentations, during which our experts went into great detail as they carefully discussed all the most recent developments in concrete finishing techniques.

Then it was time for practical demonstrations that highlighted just how concrete trowel technology has moved on in recent years. The two impressive machines we featured were the JWN24HTCSL 36-inch Ride On Power Trowel and the HHXDFS5 46-inch Ride On Power trowel. We think it is fair to say that everyone who attended either of the one-day Grind & Shine sessions was mightily impressed by what they saw.

After a relaxing lunch that allowed everyone to mingle and discuss what they had seen and learned, we gave everyone that opportunity to try out the concrete finishing machines for themselves. We have to say that for most people this was the most enjoyable and educational part of the Grind & Shine workshops because they were able to discover just how simple – and effective – these Ride On Power Trowel machines really were and they quickly appreciated how much of a benefit they could bring to their own businesses in terms of productivity… and profitability.

Concrete Trowel

Following the two one-day Grind & Shine workshops we received lots of messages thanking us for the effort and enthusiasm we put into the events. We even saw some very complimentary tweets from several others, including Amodeo Ltd, the Cardiff based concrete flooring contractors: 

Excellent demo and training day @MultiquipUK today

Thank you to everyone who attended our Grind & Shine workshops and if you missed them, don’t worry, there will be more events soon.  

For any other information on our concrete trowel and other concrete finishing products, including demonstrations please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.concrete trowel

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Good Vibrations

Vibration Poker

Our range of concrete vibration poker tools helps you achieve correct consolidation every time

One of the biggest causes of concrete failure is poor consolidation. But that really does not have to be a problem because with our range of vibration poker tools it becomes very easy and very effective to ensure that the correct level of consolidation is achieved consistently and within the shortest period of time.

Our highly recommended range of concrete vibration poker equipment is designed to work in medium to high-slump concrete and generally speaking typical applications include small pours, slabs, driveways, stem walls and footings.

The problem of poor consolidation is that immediately after placement concrete typically contains up to 20 per cent entrapped air, although this does vary according to the type of mix, the slump, placement method, form size and the amount of reinforcing steel.

Concrete vibration, using the most appropriate vibration poker will dramatically improve the compression strength of the concrete in two distinct ways – firstly by moving concrete particles and secondly by removing trapped air.

At Multiquip our Concrete Accessories range offers an excellent selection of vibration poker options including a choice of petrol, electric and pneumatic drives.

All of these are extremely effective and come equipped with long, flexible hose linking the power source to the vibration poker, therefore making it extremely easy and manageable for you to reach all areas of the concrete, even into the most remote corners, in order to ensure you consistently attain the optimum consolidation levels.

 We have numerous options available and our range includes:

High Frequency pokers

High Frequency Poker

Electric Pokers

Electric Poker

Petrol and Backpack Pokers

Back Pack Poker

Each tool within these ranges has its own specific benefits and advantages and we will be pleased to discuss with you the most appropriate option for your type of work profile.  Whichever you choose though, you can rely on the fact that each and everyone has been used and has been fully approved by innumerable concrete contractors all around the world and they are all highly recommended for their reliability, rugged construction, excellent value for money and above all for the effective results they produce.

Full technical details, prices, parts and personally prepared maintenance plans are readily available by contacting our office and in order to assist you in your decision we are pleased to provide the highly informative Concrete Vibration Handbook

Concrete Vibration Handbook

Please click on the cover to browse this most useful book. For any other information, including demonstrations please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.vibration poker

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Join us for our exclusive Grinding & Polishing Workshops

Finishing Trowel

Your chance to learn everything about Grinding & Polishing Ride-on trowel technology on either Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22nd August

If you’re involved in concrete polishing then this is the one event you definitely must not miss. We’re running two One-Day Grinding & Polishing Workshops for contractors interested in learning all about the latest finishing trowel technology. Our experts will explain all about the newest developments and you will get the opportunity to experience for yourself the benefits of using the most advanced ride on Power Trowels to grind and polish even the most neglected or damaged concrete surfaces, bringing them swiftly back their sparkling ‘good as new’ condition in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of effort.  IF YOU ONLY ATTEND ONE WORKSHOP THIS YEAR… THEN THIS IS THE ONE.

We’ll be hosting our two One-Day Workshops at our Dukinfield HQ on the outskirts of Manchester and in addition to lots of valuable information about the mechanics and cost-effectiveness of the latest finishing trowel technology you’ll also have the chance to ride some of our newest Power Trowel machines as you experience for yourself the benefits, including the cost and time savings and the sheer brilliance of these remarkable machines. Best of all you’ll very quickly appreciate just how this latest finishing trowel technology not only makes your life easier and enables you to massively extend your customer service… it also allows you to vastly improve your company’s profit potential by bringing newer, faster and more competitive methods of treating delamination, rain damaged and improving old tired, well-worn concrete surfaces.


Multiquip (UK) Limited, Unit 2, Northpoint Industrial Estate, Globe Lane, Dukinfield, Cheshire SK16 4UJ. Tel: 0161 339 2223


Wednesday 21st August and Thursday 22nd August 2019


9am – commence with 2-hour theory and technical presentations explaining all the benefits of using the latest finishing trowel technology.

11am – move onto practical demonstrations using the latest JWN24HTCSL 36-inch Ride On Power Trowel and the HHXDF5 46-inch Ride On Power Trowel, two of the most advanced and most productive finishing trowel machines available today.

12.30pm – break for lunch.

1.30pm – back to practical demonstrations and the chance for you to try out these remarkable machines for yourself as you experience the many benefits they will bring to your own operations. There will also be opportunities to try our latest Walk-Behind Trowels designed for use in smaller indoor areas.

4.30pm – end of workshop and the opportunity to speak to our concrete finishing experts.


These two events are sure to be popular so it is important that you secure your place by using this on-line form.  Simply fill in your details and return it to us. We’ll confirm your booking and we’ll look forward to seeing you at one of our Grinding & Polishing Workshops.

Like to pre-view our Ride On Power Trowels in action?  Then take a look at these two videos:

Video 1

Video 2

To obtain more information about our range of concrete finishing tools, including full tech-spec and prices, or to arrange a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at: or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page.

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The Lightning Strike self-contained sectional roller screed

concrete finishing tools

The next generation and the world’s best concrete finishing tools.

The hugely acclaimed Lura Screed Lightning Strike concrete finishing tools are exclusively available in the UK from Multiquip (UK) Ltd. These award-winning sectional roller screeds perform better than any other on the market, with unbeatable shining even for the biggest, most difficult and most demanding applications. The Lightening Screed powers effortlessly through virtually anything you can throw at it and is just as effective for large pours, sloped pours and even on circular pours. Take it from us, there is nothing else like it on the market today because this unique, patented lightweight powered screed guarantees you maximum productivity, consistent results and improved profits every time.

concrete finishing tools                                 

The Lightening Screed concrete finishing tools are built around the reliability and confidence of a fully proven Honda engine and the lightweight, rugged aluminium rollers are available for pours ranging from tiny 0.6 metres up to a massive 8-metre span. Being sectional you can easily configure the length of the rollers to match the size of the job exactly

Just imagine how much time, effort and expense this industry proved and approved technology will save you and your crew when placing pervious or non-pervious concrete on any size of contract – commercial, residential, civil, military … anything.

Best of all, the Lightning Strike concrete finishing tools are totally self-contained. They do not require hydraulic power units, hose or any other expensive, cumbersome attachments.

All you do is simply fit the appropriate length lightweight aluminium roller and that’s it. You’re up and running completing even the biggest jobs in less time and with better results than you ever previously thought possible.

concrete finishing tools

The Lightning Strike is complete with everything you need:

  • Accessories include centre pin pivot for circular pours, motor side axle extension, wall plugs … everything you need to get the job done right first time.
  • Screeding can be managed on either side of the motor.
  • Designed to work even with existing kerbs and up against walls.
  • Full technical, maintenance and hardware support.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport from job to job.
  • 12-month guarantee.

Now see it for yourself

Yes, we admit the Lightning Strike really does sound super impressive. But the truth is that its incredible performance backs up every claim that is made! You don’t just have to take our word for it though because we’ll be more than happy to come and demonstrate it for you and we’re totally confident that when you’ve tried it for yourself you will be just as impressed with its performance, efficiency, reliability and results as we are.  

To obtain more information about the Lightning Strike concrete finishing tools, including full tech-spec and prices, or to arrange a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0161 339 2223, you can also email us at or you can get in touch by using the online form that can be found on our Contact page. To see some more of our products in action, check out our Instagram page.